These ceremony doors are our latest edition!  10 feet at the peak, these are dramatic, fully functioning, and beautiful!  Look for them in our architecture section in the rentals category.





Our canopy/chuppah is all metal and self supported.  It can be assembled quickly by our team on-site.  It creates a 9’X9′ square and stands at 12′.






Our retro cocktail bar is the perfect piece to serve your signature cocktail.  It easily accommodates a bartender and all of the necessary accoutrements!

Al's cocktail bar






We just could not find a frame big enough, so we made one!  This is the perfect presentation for your “Grand Announcement”!

(Grand Announcement Gold Frame)






Our solid wood MCM inspired coffee table is sleek and sophisticated.  It’s hairpin legs and beautiful finish will complement any setting.






This free standing sign can be viewed front and back and is elegant and portable.

(Gothic Elegance Sign)







These mid-century style white dividers can be used to define a space,  act as floral or lighting support, or create a dramatic backdrop.  Each measure 3’X8′ (we’ve made six).  They can be used alone or in combination to fit a variety of spaces.